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Company name: Jilin Liyuan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Market: Main Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Industry: Non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry

Stock code: 002501


Listing Date: 2010-11-17

Registered address: No. 5729, Xining Road, Longshan District, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province

Postal Code: 136200

Contact number: 0437-3166501

Official website:

       Business scope: production and sales of aluminum alloy precision machined parts and aluminum deep-processed parts; aluminum alloy parts for petrochemical, electronic appliances, aviation, aerospace, navigation, automobiles, and cars; research and development, manufacture of aluminum alloy rail vehicles, fronts, car bodies, and containers ; Production and sales of aluminum alloy profiles, bars, tubes (including seamless tubes); manufacturing of various aluminum profile products and aluminum doors and windows; production and sales of tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass and fireproof glass (physical process) ; Operating the export business of the company’s self-produced products and related technologies (excluding commodities restricted or prohibited by the state for export); operating the raw and auxiliary materials, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, spare parts and related technologies required for the production and scientific research of the company Import and export business (except those restricted or prohibited by the state); operating the enterprise's processing of imported materials and "three to one supplement" business.


Company Name: Jilin Liyuan Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

Company Address: No. 5729, Xining Road, Economic Development Zone, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province

Telephone: 0437-3171666. 3171777. 3171888

Fax: 0437-3171999


Mail box:

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