Classic Case

Classic Case

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Iran subway

The train adopts the design concept of standardization, modularization and generalization in an all-round way, which is convenient for maintenance and operation and reduces operating costs. Both ends of the car body are equipped with energy-absorbing structures and anti-climbing devices, and the longitudinal static load of the car body is 80 tons, which greatly improves the safety of the vehicle. The electrical system adopts the world's most advanced VVVF transmission control technology, the welding process adopts the European EN15085 welding standard, and the fire protection adopts the most stringent DIN5510 standard. The train focuses on the new structure, new technology and new materials of subway trains developed in my country over the years. The layout is reasonable, the ride is comfortable, safe and reliable, and the design and manufacturing technology has reached the world-class level. Our company is mainly responsible for providing aluminum alloy profiles for car body in this project.














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