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Industrial Distribution

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Industrial Distribution:

      The company is a comprehensive production enterprise integrating aluminum profile production and aluminum profile deep processing, and can provide customers with one-stop service. From mold manufacturing, aluminum rod casting, profile extrusion, surface treatment (oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying), heat treatment, CNC machining, welding (Mig, Tig and FSW), 2D&3D stretch bending, bending, rolling, stamping, skinning Stretching can be done independently in the same factory area of ​​our company to meet customers' various delivery requirements for products from profile delivery, parts delivery to component delivery.


car parts:

      In terms of automotive lightweighting, the company's main business is the manufacturing and processing of collision system components and battery boxes. The company especially has strong technical strength and rich production experience in the production of bumpers and battery boxes. The company began to provide aluminum alloy bumper materials for well-known automobile companies at home and abroad in 2007, and has participated in the development and mass supply of a series of bumper materials, battery boxes and other products. And successively provide bumpers and structural parts for high-end brand cars of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. In the future, the company will continue to improve its international competitiveness and seize market opportunities through continuous research and gradual improvement.


Building materials:

      The company has 20 years of rich production experience in the field of construction and decoration. With the increasing demand for building materials, the company’s technical advantages, equipment advantages and fine processing advantages in the direction of building materials have been further fully reflected and released. In the production of glass doors and windows, power pipes, water conservancy projects, I-shaped aluminum, and pedestrian A series of supporting products such as flyovers and three-dimensional parking garages have obvious competitive advantages.


Aviation Petrochemical:

      The company has formed a mature strategic partnership system in the aviation and petrochemical field. The company’s products are used as oil drilling rods in the petrochemical industry because of their light weight, strong plasticity, corrosion resistance, and easy assembly, as well as their high hardness and good ductility. Used repeatedly, the amount of aluminum alloy products in the petrochemical and aerospace fields has increased rapidly.



      In the rail transit field, the company mainly provides rail car heads and car body structural parts. The rail car models produced by the company cover a wide range of materials, such as trams, light rails, subways, EMUs, high-speed rails, and magnetic levitation. Liyuan has exquisite casting technology, equipped with process parameters in the extrusion process, to ensure the surface quality, geometric dimensions and mechanical properties of the profile, and at the same time win the trust and recognition of customers.


Industrial materials:

      The products produced by the company have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and good mechanical properties, and have been widely used in the industrial field. For industrial profiles used in special fields, the company will perform surface treatment on the profiles to effectively protect the aluminum profile matrix, and it can be used stably for decades even in harsh outdoor environments. The industrial material products that the company can produce include, but are not limited to, aluminum alloy accessories used in industries such as chassis, tooling frames, wind deflectors, aluminum rods, and aluminum tubes.


Electronic power:

      Through years of technical accumulation and reserve, the company has formed a series of parts and components supporting products in electromechanical housings, precision accessories, electronic equipment, electronic devices, communication equipment, special shapes and performance. Liyuan has always been adhering to quality first and technology leadership. In principle, we can provide raw materials for laptop shells, radiator products, processed parts and parts, smart phone trays, etc. At the same time, the company has formed a mature strategic partnership system in the field of electronic and power products.


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